Areas of Practice

images-6Totus Tuus Christian Counseling offers treatment for a wide range of adolescent and children’s behavioral and emotional issues. We recognize that children and teens have a lot of things going on in their young lives that require their counselor to treat them as individuals with unique needs. We are committed to walk along side your child or teen throughout their counseling.

As a parent, it is understandable to be concerned and confused if your child or teen displays behaviors that seem outside of your control as their mom or dad.

As a troubled child or teen, you may not be able to put your finger on why you feel the way you do, but you’re sure you don’t feel like you should.

If you suspect that things aren’t just right, please take some time to look at the areas of practice that we offer.  If you believe you might benefit from a consultation or therapy from our practice, please feel free to give us a call to discuss what we can offer to help you get back to your old self again.