Anger Management

images-2Anger is an emotion and emotions are neither good nor bad.  The thing that matters is how we respond to our emotions. When it comes to anger in children and teens, parents have spoken of the “force field of hostility” that surrounds their child.  To make things more interesting, because their kids, young people can move from one emotion to another with what seems like lightning speed.

An important thing to remember, especially when it comes to the emotion of anger, is that we can control our emotions.  We can slow things down and give ourselves a chance to consider how we want to respond to our anger before we “lose control” and do something we might later regret. The key is to slow things down.  There’s so much that can occur in our minds between the onset of the feeling of anger and our physical or emotional response to the situation that caused us to feel angry to begin with. We just have to learn how to give our mind a chance to think instead of simply react.  At Totus Tuus Christian Counseling we work with children and teens who are struggling with anger.  We can help them learn simple and effective anger management techniques that will enable them to understand their anger and respond to it in a controlled and thoughtful manner.

Clearly, the world can be a complicated place and sometimes we are faced with situations that we cannot control.  Nevertheless, even in those kinds of situations, we can always control how we respond to the world around us. Don’t continue to let your anger get the best of you.  Get the help you deserve so you and those around you can return to a happier place.