Pastoral Counseling

images-45At Tutus Tuus Christian Counseling, we take a holistic approach to helping children and teens understand who they are as human beings made in the image and likeness of God. In order for a young person to truly understand who they are in mind, body, and spirit, we are uniquely prepared to offer spiritual care either on a stand alone basis or as part of the child’s overall treatment plan. Spiritual care is available to all clients regardless of their faith, denomination or creed.

Many young people are on a unique spiritual journey as part of their path to adulthood. For some, this journey is as smooth as a ride in a new Cadillac.  For others, however, their journey may be wrought with struggles and confusion. Where ever your child is on their spiritual journey, we can help them with their questions about faith or specific religious beliefs in a non-judgmental manner.

There are some Christians who believe that once the Holy Spirit is in their lives, temperament weaknesses are changed so they no longer hinder them in their work for the Lord. We do not accept this premise. As a result of years of research and observation, we conclude that temperament weaknesses are part of man, regardless of spiritual closeness to God.  These weaknesses cannot be controlled or brought under God’s ordinances unless we seek and accept God’s help every day.  Through the freedom of choice, we have been given the ability to either sink into our weaknesses or rise to our strengths.  With an understanding of our strengths and weaknesses and submission to God, we can bring great glory to Him and smooth out the path of our own personal spiritual journey.